ChatGPT App by OpenAI Receives Exciting Updates on Apple App Store

The ChatGPT iOS app from OpenAI has recently undergone significant enhancements, and users have been captivated ever since it was released. These updates aim to increase compatibility while making it simpler to use and more immersive. With these enhancements, users can easily interact with ChatGPT thanks to its shortcuts and seamless Siri integration.

The improved integration with Siri and shortcuts are two notable additions. Within Shortcuts, users can now save personalized ChatGPT prompts for later use. These prompts can be associated with different applications, empowering clients to perform explicit activities. The answers of chatGPT can be stored in notes or you can also sent automatically through messaging apps.

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Additionally, users can delegate these responsibilities to Siri, streamlining the process.

The ChatGPT app has been optimized by OpenAI for iPads, allowing it to function in full-screen mode and support a wider range of devices.

In order to optimize, Ipad users will get full favor of the app quality and have a good experience.

The ChatGPT app now supports the drag-and-drop feature found on Apple devices, further enhancing convenience. This means that ChatGPT responses can be easily transferred to other apps using a simple drag-and-drop method. Whether it’s incorporating ChatGPT’s result into archives, messages, or different applications, this component works on the sharing system.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has established itself as the best AI-powered conversation tool on the Apple App Store with these remarkable updates. Clients can now appreciate an improved combination with Siri and alternate routes, upgraded iPad usefulness, and easy simplified sharing. Discover a new level of AI-assisted communication by integrating ChatGPT seamlessly with your favorite Apple apps.

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