Things that should be done by college students to stay successful in future


In today’s digital era, creating an online presence is important more than ever. This means the college students should avoid posting stuff that can bring a negative impact on their careers. This requires building a professional presence early in your career. Online presence is not important only when you are looking for a job, it is important even when you are starting with your career.

Following are the few rules that can be helpful in making your future a complete success.

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Learn how to negotiate:

The most important thing is to build up your negotiation powers as early as possible. This will help you negotiate when you don’t get what you actually want.

Take finance classes:

Beyond your majors, you need to pay attention on exploring academic pursuits. This means studying subjects in the form of courses relating to finance, computer science, and accounting.

Don’t apply to numerous internships:

The best way to succeed is to be very careful about your internships and part-time job applications. Go outside your comfort zone to get a place.

Always read:

Being a college student, you may not have time to read books other than your subjects. But it’s equally important to read as many books as possible to expand your knowledge and achieve more down the road.

Realize that mentorship isn’t everything:

It is good to follow the footsteps of someone you admire the most for advancing in your career. But the best ability of a mentor is to enable you to ask questions and provide a mirror for you to see yourself.

Intelligence doesn’t matter much:

Having a stronger IQ does not make the world your oyster but it does open a lot of doors of opportunities for you. But learning on the way can beef up your brain for achieving success.

Via: Business Insider

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