These handy skills help you with promotion and pushing your career forward

Previously, workers used to progress along specific career paths during their careers. But in today’s business environment, you may need to take lateral move to position yourself for a promotion. It is because the organizational structure, technology, and globalization have changed the whole paradigm. If you are adding a promotion to your wish list this year than you will have to acquire skills that can help you succeed.

Following are the skills that you really need to focus on for pushing your career forward:

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Ability to collaborate:

The ability to cooperate with others while working is really important for the entire business. Along with working efficiently on your personal work, you must have the ability to collaborate with your team. The more effectively you will focus on the team’s projects, the more easily you will be noticed by the managers and bosses.

Work ethic:

The amount of effort you put in completing a project, it speaks volumes to your boss. Rather than a specific milestone, the more effort that is seen by employees for completing a work makes them skilled at their work. It is because people who do more are regarded as more skilled by managers so they prefer them promoting rather than more skilled people who work minimum.

Be reliable:

The key factors that make you reliable in the eyes of your boss are punctuality, the ability to take an initiative, and a friendly behavior. These are the attributes managers look for in employees and consider them for promotion.

Working independently:

When you are given tasks then you are judged how you complete them independently. You need to take on some tasks that you think you can work on and complete them efficiently. This will show your understanding of your work and willingness to work hard for it which will make you a qualified person for the job.

Be creative:

Creativity is something that can set you apart from other people. If you need to get promoted then think outside the box for projects and solving problems. Your creativity is something that can show your capability to be able to progress in your career.

Via: Business insider

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