These 6 side hustles can be very lucrative in 2019

Maybe you are someone who is trying to be more aggressive about digging yourself out of credit card debt or just save money for future; making extra money on the side is a smart strategy for working towards your goals. Along with permanent jobs, you keep on getting side-gigs that allow you to set your own schedule and rates. With a side hustle, you can be your own boss, decide what you want to do, when to do, and how much to make.

Following are some money-making ideas if you are thinking about starting a side hustle for earning some extra cash:

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SEO/content writer:

The best way to break into freelancing business is to start offering your services as a content writer. Your writing skills can be perfectly used in this side hustle and you can easily start making money from it. You can learn about SEO-friendly writing with the help of a free few courses online.

Coaching and consulting:

If you have knowledge in a field, you can pass it to others and help those who are trying to excel. If you have the ability to give the right advice to people, it means you are wise enough and coaching or consulting could be a fun avenue to explore.


This is one of the side hustle that can be started by anyone. It is because unlike a professional side hustle, crafting is a hobby that you can sell to other people. As you do it wholeheartedly, therefore, you are confident in making it and selling it.

Photographer or videographer:

Nowadays, good freelance photographers and videographers are hired not only by individuals but also by companies and organizations as well. If you are good at photography and video making, then you will only need to invest in getting the tools and building up a client base. Create a particular style for yourself and set your own rates depending on the quality of your equipment.

Real estate agent:

This is a business that can be extremely lucrative and can be started if you have time because it happens during unusual or non-work hours. It can easily fit into your schedule and its success depends on how much time and energy you have to devote to it.

Facebook/Instagram Influencer:

Becoming a Facebook or Instagram influencer is a long-term play and you need to be well-established in your niche before the brands consider approaching you for paid work. It is an effective side-hustle because the influencers are seen as authentic to their followers and not any advertisers which they hesitate to trust.

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