3 ways to avoid getting exhausted with work load

Nowadays, everyone complains about feeling overworked because they have too much on their plate. It becomes extremely exhausting when your colleagues go on a break and you are left to cover for them while they are away. It makes you juggle not only your own work but also the work of someone else. It is because, with a colleague on days off, you certainly get more tasks, more meetings, more searching for answers to questions about things that you don’t do normally.

Instead of being forced into all the extra work when everyone else is away, save your own self in the following ways:

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Create boundaries:

When some of your colleagues take leave, it means that the pressure of their work falls upon the people who are left behind. If you are someone who manages your own work properly, chances are that you will be loaded with some extra work. So, before your colleagues leave, make sure to set some ground rule in front of your boss. Tell the boss that you are happy to help with some work but you have your own deadlines to meet. Once you make it clear, your boss will realize the tough spot you are being put in and will figure out a better way to divide the workload on others. Also, explain to your colleagues that you cannot be of help to everyone because you have your own tasks to focus on.

Get temporary help:

When most of your colleagues are absent, talk to your boss to get some temporary help in order to compensate. Your boss may consider it an extra burden on the company’s budget but you can suggest that you can train those people for future employment consideration. This will ease the burden on you and will also not be difficult for the boss to manage.

Look at the bigger picture:

You may feel completed frustrated thinking about how to cover up for the absent colleagues. But if you look at the bigger picture, it can be an opportunity for you to create a good impression for your boss and to build some goodwill with your coworkers. Also, when you will push yourself to help others, others will be around to turn the favor when you are in need.

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