These 5 words can ruin your business

It takes a great effort to establish your business. You have to fight with internal and external factors, pressures to survive. Some days, the business is good, some days, it is on a low side but you have to stay hopeful that things will get better.

Ever wondered why customer service is very important and what puts off your customer?. Let’s take a look at those 5 phrases which actually could result in your business disintegration.

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1. Ya, Fine.

According to Psychology Today, phrases like ‘Fine’ express anger indirectly even though when you use them, you probably have no intentions to sound rude.

2. Umm, No worries

Thought Catalog says, this word literally translated to, I’m actually going to screw you even though I have not said it. It means I will hold it back and explore when the time comes.

3. Okay, if you say so

This may sound a nod in acknowledgment but in reality, it depicts you are not thrilled for the idea and just want to go through the motions. These words hold back the essence of call to action, pro-activeness to get things done.

4. Curious and Surprised

You are not in a business of entertainment to get surprised or wonder ‘what’s next’. You have to be sure about the business and your customer requirement. Avoid confusing words such as I’m curious to know or ‘oh, that is a surprise’ because it gives out an impression of naiveness.

5. Just Kidding

You want to keep the conversation to a lighter mode but the timing of using these words could go horribly wrong. It gives an impression, you are not serious. An attempt to get over-frank with your customer does not necessarily pay off well, as a matter of fact, it hardly does. Keep the relationship serious and do not try to cross a thin line of maintaining a good customer relationship.


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