Ahmedabad woman covers her white sedan with cow dung to beat the heat and Internet is going crazy about it

Cow dung is used in the villages and rural parts of Punjab in India and Pakistan for multiple purposes. Usually, it is used as a coating on house walls and floors to beat the summer heat which typically gets over 40 Celsius.

A lady from Ahmedabad, India is breaking the internet and has gone viral online for beating the heat with unique usage of cow dung. She has used the dung to completely cover her car to defeat the heat.

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The image of the dung covered car is shared online by a Facebook user Rupesh Gauranga Das.

The guy says, “Best use of cow dung I have ever seen. It’s in Amdavad. To counter 45 degrees heat temperatures and protect car from getting hot. Mrs. Sejal shah has plastered her car with cow dung. Getting cool.”

Do you find this idea cool? Hey, wait a minute, what about the smell?

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