These 5 mental hacks can make you more confident in life

Almost everyone experiences those paralyzing moments where the palms are sweating more than a marathon runner and your heart is hammering at a million times a minute. You must have pushed those feelings down just enough to get through a presentation or hopped on to a terrifying new venture. But no matter whatever you do there is always a nagging voice in your head that tells you that you cannot do it. Several studies carried out on this issue revealed that everything from an individual’s body language to simple daily thoughts allows them to rapidly evaporate fear in the moment and replace it with belief in their fantastic abilities.

Following are the few actionable and surprisingly easy steps to reprogram your brain to ditch that fear and replace it with a lot of positivity and confidence:

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Push through the uncomfortable:

The enthusiasm and natural inclinations to dream bug get squashed between childhood and adulthood. It is because you get exposed to the beliefs of your parents and teachers about what you can do and what is impossible to achieve. Instead, if you expose yourself to various situations and push through the uncomfortable, you will gain confidence in your own self. Once you make an effort to achieve that seems impossible, you will be amazed to see the confidence that you gain in your abilities.

Gain an accurate perspective by separating memory from facts:

Your brain stores information that is collected through your own beliefs, values, and self-image. It so happens that your brain gets over-loaded with the information that gets accumulated through the selective memory system. You must understand that memory does not provide you accurate information, therefore, revisit the facts. Try to gain an accurate perspective on the event by talking to people who might have a different view of an event. It will help you understand a situation in a better manner.

Speak positively with yourself:

The way you talk to yourself brings a lot of impact on your confidence level. Talking positively to yourself makes you smarter, help you to focus, and improves your memory. The conversations you have with yourself influence your neurobiological response to it and you see things as a challenge rather than a problem.

Be curious:

Curiosity is something that actually compels you to do something that you are afraid of. It is a foundation for a lifelong growth and teaches your heart and mind to grow every day. You can always look forward and gain new experiences because it will uncover a lot of new information for you. When you ask questions and search for answers to satisfy your curiosity, it makes your mind active, encourages you to be more observant of new ideas, and opens up a world of new possibilities.

Don’t doubt yourself:

When you have lack of confidence, you develop a victim’s mentality. You consider yourself at the mercy of other people. You doubt yourself of every step that you take and every decision that you make. You must understand that no one can every stop you from achieving what your heart’s desires. Your responsibility is to identify the areas in which you doubt yourself, remove the barriers, and move forward with a strong belief that no matter what situation you are in, you can achieve your goals.

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