How to develop the mental immunity for becoming emotionally resilient


Just like pollen or germs in the air, your thoughts are rampant because they are everywhere. They belong to the collective universe and do not just originate in your mind. Just like the germs or allergies affect people with weak immune systems, negative thoughts infect people with lower mental immunity. This mental immunity gets weakened by years of believing negative beliefs, thoughts, or theories about your own self. It leaves you susceptible to the negative thoughts that run through your mind all the time.

If your mental immunity is strong, the negative thoughts just like germs may enter your mind but don’t stay there and just move on. Your job is to investigate such thoughts that cause unhappiness and build your mental immunity against negativity. Following are the few ways that can help you do that:

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Don’t run after perfection:

You cannot make your life perfect no matter how hard you try. It not only wastes your time and energy but also increases frustration that leads to anxiety. Instead, adopt an attitude of progress and which help you to improve along the way.

Do not link an idea with your personality:

When you are anxious, you think it is a part of your personality. Struggling with anxiety makes you assume that it is a part of you and you have always been like the way you are. If you start believing anxiety as a part of your personality, it will be difficult to change.

Do not try to eradicate fear:

You cannot just remove the fears from your life. The fears you have must be expected and considered thoroughly. Once you recognize what they are, make yourself understand that they are not reflective of the reality.

Take upsetting thoughts as an indication:

Whatever things you are afraid of are a sign that you are not paying attention to things that is required. If you are afraid of any natural disasters or find yourself unsafe in anyways then it may be an indication that you are disconnected from your loved ones. Therefore, understand the signs and don’t be afraid to make changes.

Don’t resist the changes:

Some of the people resist changes because they have been struggling for a longer period of time. So when changes occur, they are not willing to accept it. But once you are willing to see the change, it actually begins to change. So, be willing to see the changes and you will accept them afterwards.

Learn to refocus:

Any kind of fear in your life stops you from living the way you want to. Try to imagine a situation if you didn’t have those fears. By refocusing on what is important will help you move on with your life.

Remain in the present:

For developing mental strength, it is very important to remain in the present. Because being present allows you to respond to your thoughts and feelings in a natural way. Confront the feelings that you have been carrying around and believe whatever feels to be true.

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