The Shorts Killed The Coin – Will The American Authorities Ever Investigate The Manipulation Of BitCoin ?

About 10 months ago I had written an article when Chicago Mercantile Exchange had announced that it would list Bitcoin Futures on to its exchange. I had written that it would kill Bitcoin. It was trading at around $15,000 or so. The world thought that the listing of Futures was a positive step and I was adamantly of the view that it would kill Bitcoin.

Then about 6 months ago, and a month or so after the Futures started trading, i was monitoring the Futures data in depth. Bitcoin started to take off, it touched $19,000+ and the data obtained and analyzed by me, and anybody can do it with experience and exposure to the American markets, clearly convinced me that the bottom was about to fall out on Bitcoin. I went out on a limb and boldly wrote that

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This is my 3rd and last caution on Bitcoin.

Within 3 days the bottom on this coin, fell apart. It started to tank and it tanked all the way to $6,000 from its high of $19,000+ taking a few breathers in between, temporarily.

If anyone of you think that all this downward spiraling of Bitcoin was coincidental to its listing on The CME owned exchange, think again. The complication with which the American markets are manipulated by the BIG BOYS is nothing but a work of geniuses. Unless you know how they work, have worked with them, know their Modus Operandi, know how they get away with it, how they crush anyone who comes in their way, you will never understand how they do it. You can have a PhD in Finance or a triple PhD in economics, it all becomes theoretical unless you know the psyche of the Big traders behind any financial asset.

Options and futures exchanges have people called the Market Makers. These people are a fraternity. They may “Make A Market” in any asset showcasing to create liquidity in that asset but their main driving force is greed. They look out for each other against an outsider like a Lioness looks out out for its Cubs. They don’t fight with each other when it comes to creating a monopoly. They may kill each other on the trading floor but when an outsider steps in, the Lioness trait surfaces within seconds.

They don’t rat on each other if they are caught. They don’t testify against each other if they are subpoenaed. They don’t open up their mouths even if you hold a gun to their heads. It’s an old boys club. Any knew entrant is crushed.

Every trading pattern investigated by me at that time screamed of manipulation. Manipulation in collaboration with crypto exchanges. There was an absolute disconnect in exchange provided trading data trail which is a proof that the manipulation is from WITHIN and OUTSIDE the futures exchange. The SHORTS killed the Coin. While making billions of dollars in profits. Yes, billions. Many major firms are involved in my opinion. Big named Market Makers are involved from Chicago to New York to offshore trusts.

Will the American authorities ever investigate it ?

Yes they will. For the purposes of Window Washing. They will subpoena the traders and then tell the world that because Bitcoin can be traded anonymously, they are unable to find all the data to link to and indict anyone. The American authorities investigate on the average 400 frauds and indict only 20 and even within those 20, you will never hear the names of the Big Boys.

Because most of the Compliance Directors of the Big Firms who command multi million dollar salaries have come either from The SEC after working their for 35 or more years, spending their last few years at a Big firm making tens of millions before retirement and using their decades old powerful connections and contacts at The SEC or other regulatory authorities to cover up the crimes of these Wall Street boys.

This is the way it has always been and this is the way it always will be. Small investors will get killed. Big boys will make billions and at the end, some money will go to the political campaigns of the Senators, Congressmen or even to the election of the Attorney Generals of their regions who are supposed to investigate them, if they won.

Oh, and let me not forget the most powerful Israeli lobby of the financial world, AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which will definitely get hundreds of millions of dollars of donations from Wall Street, because they can make one call on anybody’s behalf, off the record of course, and change the course of the investigation.

Nobody on Wall Street will ever give a penny unless they have something to gain from it, albeit in the future, as an insurance policy.

This is a guest article by Mir Muhammad Ali Khan.

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Mir Mohammad Alikhan is internationally renowned Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & Capital Markets Advisor.

At the age of 29, he became the youngest Chairman and Founder of a Full service Investment Bank in America and the first Muslim to have owned an investment bank on Wall Street.