4 Beliefs that waste your time and drag you away from things that actually should be a priority in your life

Most of you know that your beliefs shape your perspectives. But how do you know that these beliefs are accurate? Sometimes you don’t even know how they affect your life. The beliefs that you believe in sometimes are useless and a lot different from reality. These might be the kind of beliefs that hinder your productivity but you indulge in them and waste a lot of your own time.
You need to be careful which beliefs take away your time and drag you away from things that actually should be a priority in your life:

1. Doing overtime is being productive:

When you think of doing overwork, it is detrimental not only for yourself but also for the company. Doing plenty of overtime can make you go under a lot of stress because of which you can experience chronic headaches, fatigue, stomach upset, and severe signs of depression. Your physical damages are not alone, the habit of doing overtime make you dependent on your overtime pay. This disturbs the quality of your life and instead of adjusting according to your actual pay; you find it easier way to spend more. It comes with price, your productivity becomes less you stop thinking of increasing your income streams. This effect your personal as well professional life and you gain a lot less as you think from doing overtime.

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2. Leaving things for tomorrow:

Another thing that wastes a lot of your time is leaving your work for tomorrow. When you delay your tasks for later time, you actually increase your stress. Instead, you should identify which tasks needs to be done first and create a to-do list for most important activities. If you feel overwhelmed during the day, do small tasks that help to re-energize like taking a walk outside or spend time on coloring books.

3. Unnecessary breaks:

Studies have proved that taking small breaks is good for getting back to work more focused. But when you take breaks unnecessary then they slow your output and waste all the effort that you have made. You can take a break of five minutes once you have outlined a project and laid out the details in front of you.

4. Tackle the bigger concerns first:

Emails and social media notifications are never urgent and can wait a couple of hours. But you need to understand the tasks that need your attention first and simply take away the unnecessary stuff from your list. Once you get done with the bigger tasks at the beginning, you will have the entire day to get done with the smaller projects.

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