Mir Muhammad Ali Khan

Mir Mohammad Alikhan is internationally renowned Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & Capital Markets Advisor. At the age of 29, he became the youngest Chairman and Founder of a Full service Investment Bank in America and the first Muslim to have owned an investment bank on Wall Street.

  • Mir Muhammad Ali Khan

    The Pakistani Startup Bubble ? #MirMak

    Today at the event where Salim Ghauri was speaking and we were all listening to his great journey, a young man during the question answer session asked, Is the Pakistani startup bubble about to burst ? And that sent shivers through my spine, not because of the word bubble but because of the lack of […]

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    Mir Muhammad Ali Khan

    Pakistan Is About To Collapse. #MirMak.

      When I left Pakistan in my teenage years, Zia-ul-Haq was in power and I remember some elders discussing amongst themselves that Pakistan is about to collapse. Then I moved to America and while in my university at Rutgers, I became President of The Pakistani Association in my junior year for one term, and so […]

  • Mir Muhammad ALi Khan

    Pakistani Brain Drain: A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush.

    My friend Brian tells me before i moved to Pakistan: Are you crazy Ali, do you even know what you are saying. You want to move back to Pakistan?. You are a stranger to that country. Except food and language you have nothing in common. You left as a boy and now you want to […]

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