Mir Muhammad Ali Khan

Mir Mohammad Alikhan is internationally renowned Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & Capital Markets Advisor.At the age of 29, he became the youngest Chairman and Founder of a Full service Investment Bank in America and the first Muslim to have owned an investment bank on Wall Street.

  • Why Is BitCoin Dropping Like A Rock?

    If you remember i had written an article a month or so ago that the authorities, Wall Street and the financial world mafia will never let BitCoin succeed. I am not talking about the BlockChain technology, BlockChain they can do nothing about. When Chicago Mercantile Exchange created futures on BitCoin, that very moment i wrote […]

  • Wall Street Takes Indirect Control Of BitCoin And This Is The First Step

    Two months ago when I had written an article that Wall Street will never allow the control of any financial asset to go out of their hands. Either they will force the regulators to regulate it killing the Free Spirit of this digital currency or create an asset class related to the Bitcoin to partially bring […]

  • Crypto Currency Is A Bubble And It WILL Crash Sooner Or Later

    There are two sides to every financial product. One is the purpose it serves for the users, and it has to be a very good solution to a problem. For example a credit card is a solution to not carrying cash and getting robbed. Travelers’ Checks are the same. Then there are Letters Of Credit. […]

  • Women And The Stock Markets

    Us men like to think of ourselves as financial geniuses. We like to boast about our technical analysis skills, fundamental know hoe of how to pick a stock, rowdy trading trading room bonding between men, conferences on investments and the list can go on and on to stroke the egos of us men to no […]

  • Quit When You Are Tired Or Quit When You Have Won

    So many times in my life i wanted to just crawl into a corner and give up on life. So many times that i can not even count. The tougher it got the more i wanted to quit. The more difficult it became the more into oblivion i wanted to go. I have been depressed. […]

  • India Is Lying About Its GDP Growth. #MirMak

    If i had questioned Indian GDP numbers as a Pakistani, question can be raised that my motive is patriotic and anti India. Since an international financial analyst affiliated with The American Enterprise Institute AEI named, Derek Scissors has done it, the world has taken it seriously. Fair enough ? Well, i have been writing for […]

  • Everything in Pakistan is Messed Up

    Education system is messed up. Traffic engineering is messed up. Healthcare is at its worst. It needs improvement more than any other field. Financial markets are in its primitive stages. Corporate policies have to be looked upon. Every field you see, you see that it needs improvement. If every field needs improvement then how much […]

  • Being Pakistani……#MirMak

    Not all of us can do financially for other Pakistanis. I understand that. Not all us of can fix the roads, water shortage, poverty, education, healthcare. I also understand that. Our problems can not be fixed immediately, that i understand the most. But what i fail to understand is that all of us Pakistanis claim […]

  • Afghan President Threatens Pakistan Openly….#MirMak

    Us Pakistanis either have a huge heart or we are outright stupid. You decide. After having hosted 3 million Afghans as our guests for decades. After fighting their war with the soviets with full support. After having our terrorists enemies hide in Afghanistan and attack us for 14 years. After having every damn supply of […]

  • The Pakistani Startup Bubble ? #MirMak

    Today at the event where Salim Ghauri was speaking and we were all listening to his great journey, a young man during the question answer session asked, Is the Pakistani startup bubble about to burst ? And that sent shivers through my spine, not because of the word bubble but because of the lack of […]