The Amazing Visually Impaired CSS officer Faisal Majeed who stood 12th in the exam

In due course of time, history has seen some of the most exceptional achievements by individuals. But such accomplishments have always been more appreciated if they are linked with a person’s apparent physical disability. It requires courage and passion by a person to achieve success even when he/she is challenged with a physical disability.

Faisal Majeed is one such example who took the stick of courage and emerged as the 12th CSS officer competing against thousands of competitors all over Pakistan in a CSS exam. Majeed is visually impaired and cannot see.

Although unable to read books or journals, he completed his M.Phill in English Literature and won a gold medal. He acquired the degree from Government College University Faisalabad. He then attempted to appear in the CSS exam in the year 2013 but failed to pass it in first attempt as it was not easy especially due to his disability. He didn’t lose hope and in 2014, he attempted again for the same exam wanting to prove a point “Yes I Can”.

This time he passed it by acquiring 12th position in CSS officer’s list. He used talking computers in order to read, write, type, and chat online and to navigate web pages. Technology helped him to do everything normal people are able to do.

This is an amazing considering the results we have seen this year.  If we look at the results of CSS exam for the year 2016, only 2% individuals have been able to pass the exam successfully landing 98% into complete failure. By looking at the tough competition, we can say that Majeed’s loss in first attempt was not a big deal.

In 2016, 20,716 students applied and out of that 9643 students appeared for the exam. Unfortunately, only 202 candidates cleared the written examination.

Right now he is under training in Islamabad in Information Services Academy and wants to go to Foreign services. He is eager to provide awareness among disables people because for him life is a continuous struggle.

One should never lose hope and firmly believe in themselves and we should relish our life’s every opportunity and cherish every victory. Faisal Majeed

Story of Faisal Majeed proves that it takes more than courage to face the hardships to win and become a champion.

With determination and hard work, nothing is impossible in life. If you are sincere in your approach no one can stop you. Faisal Majeed



Written by Hisham Sarwar

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