Teleconference computer apps surge in huge demand amid coronavirus outbreak

The downloads of apps such as Tencent, WeChat Work, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams have risen to nearly five times since the start of this year. The rise in demand is because of the Coronavirus outbreak and how it is changing the way organizations will work in the near future. Almost, all major companies have advised their employees to work from home all over the world.

These apps and many more have attracted over 1.4 million new users on App Store and Google Play in early January and now the number is touching a record 6.7 million downloads, according to app analytics firm Sensor Tower.

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Companies are beginning to rely on business conferencing tools by advising employees to stop commute and work from home until further notice.

The computer apps are making remote work more manageable without halting business operations. The Apps such as Rumii, Spatial let users conduct a 3d meeting with 3d versions of their colleagues making it look near to the real environment.

Rumii costs $14.88 a month for oner users. Spatial on the other hand has already experienced a 400% surge in company’s licenses ever since more companies prefer to let their employees work from home.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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