Bitcoin lost over $3,000 of its valuation in just one single day

Thursday was devastating for Bitcoin users. The cryptocurrency lost over $3k of value within 24 hours. The vitality still maneuvers around $5,000 again at the time of writing this article but in the near future of Bitcoin’s price, it’s stability is almost uncertain.

Although Bitcoin attempts to recover from this massive nosedive, perhaps the worst ever crash that may be historically significant in determining the fate of the cryptocurrency in the coming days, the cloud of uncertainty still hovers potential investors.

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The price dropped to under USD 4,000 from a comfortable, stable price of USD 8,000. Pundits foresee many resistances waiting for Bitcoin on the upside.

Right now, Bitcoin is on the wild rollercoaster experiencing unexpected tides, can USD5,000 level even hold?

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Written by Tauseef Sarwar

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