Technology Trends that will dominate in 2017

Today’s business climate is driven by powerful digital forces. If we look back few years from now, technology was traditionally confined to operations and executions. But today the rapid-fire innovation has made every company a technology company and has brought changes to all aspects of business ranging from ideation to delivery.

This advancement has made it possible for us to retrieve any kind of information we want and communicate in numerous ways with the devices that fit nicely into our pockets. In this climate, there is every day a new entrant that is directed towards specific functions and particular niches. These trends are making meaningful impacts on the global platform.

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To help make sense of it all, a list of seven major tech trends for 2017 has been listed together. If you are preparing to start a business or are already an entrepreneur, you can activate new capabilities by focusing on the following trends and innovations.

IoT and Smart Home Tech:

For years, we have been coming across the term IoT as an upcoming revolution for the world. Even with the tough competition in markets, few of the practices are going to fade away in future and few improved ones will be seen dictating. Bigger companies are already getting involved into IoT processes like Google, Amazon, and Apple. Others are surely expected to follow their path in 2017.

Machine Learning:

Although we have seen machine learning in a limited range of applications up till now but it is expected to take major steps in the coming year. Google’s core search engine algorithm has been assisted and enhanced from previous few years by machine learning. Machine learning is predicted to offer improved products related to any type of consumer applications. Soon it will become the new norm among people who wish to have artificial intelligence as a major component for very form of technology.

AR and VR:

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) remained gained a lot of hype in 2016. The release of Oculus Rift received a much positive response which encouraged further VR apps and games to be introduced. The AR game Pokemon Go exploded with over 100 million downloads which aided in setting a market for VR and AR. In 2017, this technology is surely expected to reach new heights.


Automation is going to become the biggest support for marketers in 2017. It will be further improved with advancing technology that will enable the automation to perform some of the previously human-exclusive tasks. Productivity is expected to rise steeply in numerous white-collar jobs. The process of improvement will become much rapid with the combination of automation and machine learning.

Humanized Big Data:

Humanized big data has been a buzzword for the past five years. This mass quantity of accumulated data will be extremely helpful from planning better medical treatments to implementing better marketing campaigns.

Everything on demand:

With the help of services like Uber, people are getting accustomed to having everything on demand through phone applications. This year many services were seen to provide us with rides, food deliveries etc. In 2017, these services are going to evolve on bigger levels.

Physical-Digital integration:

With the growing technology, smartphones have become more of a necessity than just a luxury. These devices provide us the access to infinite information in the real world. The basic glimpse of it has been seen during this year with services that helped us with site-to-store purchasing and enabling customers to choose and purchase products from a physical retail location. But the next stage will bring more integration within physical and digital realities.

These trends are predicted so marketers can prepare their marketing strategies accordingly but everyone should always keep their minds open as surprises can come from any directions.

Via: Forbes

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