Technology fights for Gender Equality

Technology Gender Equality

In this era, technology is something that you probably want or need for better and faster means of connecting to the world. Linking gender quality with the growing technology is morally and ethically imperative as you cannot ignore the rights and capabilities of half of the world’s population which is women.

Technology can play a vital role in achieving gender quality as it identifies that women have the potential to improve resource productivity. Women are viewed as central workers in moving towards sustainable development and technology has strengthened their hands in the process.

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Their participation fosters gender equality and creates a positive impact on economic growth. But unfortunately, most women do not have access to information and are not encouraged to get involved in global development as they are mostly deprived of their basic rights.

How does access to technology lead to gender equality?

In order to improve women’s lives, technology has provided them with a chance to learn more about ways they can use information. It offers training through webinars and tutorials for teaching the rules for small businesses and market growth. It has strengthened women’s role in the world by providing them with networks that lead to the formation of saving cooperatives, self-help groups, and small enterprises.

Because of disparities in opportunities as well as salaries, the traditional work structure does not suit most women. Technology has provided those means for work with which they are working as entrepreneurs, freelancers, web designers, graphic designers, etc.

Research USA in the previous years has shown that almost 53% of women are working as freelancers. This kind of work provides them an escape from traditional office dynamics and they can earn while having schedule flexibility.

Women in the technical world have struck on their own by focusing on their work and by proving themselves as vital contributors to the economy. In many tech companies, women are working as the forerunners and have transformed their companies’ product development.

In many technical teams around the world, women are the driving force for innovations and ideas and these teams outperform teams that are composed of just male participants. They naturally move more easily toward the problem-solving approach thus making their teams more productive, diverse, and innovative.

Technology can build better gender equality:

We can use technology to build a more equal world in the following ways

Starting early:

Young children are fast learners and if we push our girls toward the technology sector at an early age, we can help them to build their future in a much better way. Learning to find solutions to problems at an early age can prepare them for their future career issues.

Getting involved:

It is the government’s job to push women for getting involved in the technology revolution and have equal opportunity in the technology sector.

Technological access:

It is the right of every person and women should have the equal right to lead the way in technological progress. The women who are already leading the way should be acknowledged and supported by society.

Women of today do not want to feel pushed away by hanging out with the traditional culture of working; they want to define their future by understanding technological perspectives. Women are now making a mark in the tech industry and are inspiring the lives of many others.

Megan Berry, Head of Social Product and Community at RebelMouse encourages women by saying,

“The Tech industry is risk friendly, so it’s better to take the chance or take the lead if you think something might work. Just go for it and really put yourself out there because it’s an industry that really responds to that. When you take risks and just go for it, you tend to be rewarded and see things happen.”

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