Taking Selfies is Good, Study reveals

Recently an Indiana’s native spent less than two days in Loss Angeles, and took sixty selfies during her stay. She just felt like she needed to document each and every moment to share it with people who were not present with her at that time.

Your friends list must have these kinds of people who like to broadcast most of their life’s moments on social media. They regularly snap selfies with their smartphones and keep on sharing it with friends. Sometimes people are so much obsessed with taking selfies that they adopt addictive behaviors. But now we don’t need to get irritated with such acts.

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According to a recent study from the University of California, scientists are establishing a fact that taking selfies can improve health and boost moods of an individual. It increases the probability for one’s happiness. The team carried out a survey on forty-one students who were asked to take selfies for four weeks. Afterword’s they reported the changes in their behaviors. Even when they took pictures with fake smiles, they spent their entire day in a very happy mood.

According to Professor Mark Marino of University of Southern California, taking selfies engages people in the act of being happy. Selfie is a kind of self-reflection which helps individuals to recognize who they are communicating themselves to be and how they actually want to see themselves. Selfies bring more self-confidence and stop people from nit-picking their own photos. But according to Yalda Uhls, a psychologist and UCLA Professor selfies must be taken in a controlled manner.

Via: CBSNews

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