16 Programming Languages that can land you a Job ASAP

Among thousands of programming languages, few have an immense significance. Companies and organizations are widely using new software systems and are always in a search for individuals who are familiar with popular programming languages.

If you want to get a job of your choice, few programming languages can give your career a big boost. Following is the list of programming languages which are important to learn for a better career.   

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C: Created in early 1970s, C language is the most robust programming language which has a rich setup of operators and built in functions. It can be used to write any kind of complex programs.

Java: for web applications and platform, Java is the most popular programming language that originated in 1991. For building an enterprise level of application, this is the most trusted language as well. This is the reason Amazon, Blogger, Twitter and other bigger platforms use Java.

Python: It is an interactive and interpreted language that is the most easiest to learn. People like to use it more because of its highly readable code.

PHP: this language is flexible as well as streamlined for use on the web. With PHP, not so many codes are required to build applications therefore it is safe and secure to use. Bigger networking platforms such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Word Press use it.

Visual Basic:  It is another very popular computer language which enables programmers to create distributed as well as separate applications. It is an old language but some users still use it as it tends to make programming easier.

JavaScript: Beside the name, JavaScript language has not much of Java in it but this is an extremely important language. It helps to run all modern web browsers but has some issues with the security vulnerabilities.

R: It is an important resource for data scientists or anyone who is performing data analyses. Because of its strength, Google has openly declared its liking for the language.

Go: It is another rapidly growing programming language around the world. It is a free programming language that was created at Google in 2007. It was created with the aim of providing power to the world’s most demanding search engines.

Ruby:  It is a high level programming language which is also very easy to learn. It is a 24 year old language and is very dearest to developers because of its easy to read and write code. It was originally designed to make programming a fun process and to quickly build up something from scratch with less possible code lines.

Groovy:  It is a powerful and extremely dynamic language which has static-typing and static-compilation ability. It integrates well with Java code and has seen growth in adoption in the previous few years.

Objective C: It was developed by adding features of small talk programming language which made it an object-oriented language. Apple’s homegrown Swift is not as popular as Objective C is but for some reasons Swift is becoming more famous among users.

Perl: In the late 80s, Perl was developed by NASA engineer. It is liked by developers because of its flexibility and power. It fulfills many purposes for hardware design engineers. It is a very useful language but it is not as much popular as other languages among the users.

Pascal: This language was named in honor of a Philosopher and French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. At first, it was aimed at teaching students about the structured programming and later on became a high level language on the primary level.

Delphi Object Pascal: In 1986, this language was developed at Apple. This language helped programmers to connect with Oracle databases. This language is again becoming popular as a substitute for developing smartphone apps.

Swift: To build iPhone apps, Swift programming language becoming increasingly popular among developers. This language has several innovations that provide multiple options for the developers. Its performance and memory management are faster than most languages.

MATLAB: For technical computing, it is a very good programming language. It was designed to teach students advanced algebra and image processing at university level. It is the most popular language among engineers, scientists, and programmers.

Via: Business Insider

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