Surprise: Google Pixel is the fastest growing US smartphone brand

Google Pixel is the surprisingly the fastest-growing US smartphone brand with around 43% year-over-year growth. According to a a report from Strategy Analytics, Google’s Pixel brand is the fastest-growing brand in the United States. This is of course for smartphones, according to the data gathered in the country in Q4 2018.

Google brand grew 43% since last quarter (Q4) 2017. The report also mentions that Google Pixel has outgrown its toughest competitors Apple and Samsung.

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One of the reasons of why the brand has gained massive popularity is because of its battery life, best camera results for front and rear and inclusion of eSim and AI tech. Also Google Pixel 3 ‘Lite’ leak is very impressive and Google Pixel 3 XL has the best display rating in the market and it is no surprise.

Even before Pixel 3, when Pixel 2 was launched these photos gave a proof that Google Pixel has the best smartphone camera ever and the picture quality was just amazing.


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