How to protect yourself in a vulnerable online world?

Staying safe and private in the electronic spectrum can be difficult. If you suffer violence and are worried about your privacy, there are steps that can help you secure yourself and your belongings.

Computers have the ability to house a lot of private information about the websites you visit, the call you make, the instant message you send, the purchases you make. If you are a computer user and have a suspicion that your pc is compromised than do the following

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  • Use 2 step authentication.
  • Clean your PC using CCleaner.
  • Keep your system updated.
  • Use a VPN.

It is not possible to completely delete your digital footprint.

Clearing your browser history will help abusers not to track and using a paid version for a Malware scanner will help you stop if any of these have installed a keylogger in your system.

Your abuser may have information to your email address if you do these things:

  • Sharing your password and account details
  • Using Outlook to check your email
  • Only using a single-step authentication

If you are a cell phone user, beware there are numerous ways through which an abuser can use the tech to not only track you but overhear your calls.

Using a cell phone is only advised if you don’t have access to a landline. If you are under threat, all cell phones carry GPS and SOS calls. If you are fleeing from the abuser, please Call local police.

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