Scotland: School unions want children to start school at the age of 7 instead of 5?

Scotland`s Education Dilemma: Upstart Scotland believes that children should only start school when they are 7 years old and have asked the Scottish government to introduce a special stage that is only tailored to youngsters aged between 3 and 7.

Education experts and teachers of various schools believe that young children should not be taught literacy skills instead they should be given the opportunity to develop through play.

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Scotland is currently one of 6 nations in Europe where children start school aged 5

This move brings the Scottish education system into line with those of Finland, Poland, and Estonia. Europe`s  big 3 in the education system

Northern Ireland the only nation where children start school at the age of 4.

England and Scotland are at 5.

Turkey and Germany at 6.

Finland and Sweden at 7.

One study which was published in 2015 suggested, children who start school later are less likely to be inattentive or hyperactive in class. This study also points to evidence that kindergarten helps children develop their self-confidence and emotional resilience.

Although the curriculum for excellence supports the developmental approach favored by the parents the structure of schooling in Scotland makes it difficult to deliver.

Prof. Donald Christie of the University of Strathclyde suggests why to design an education system from scratch with the entry requirement set at 4 and a half when most of the children cant cope without the basics and need help.

Prof also believes that the delay in formal education to seven is going to affect those who would have been capable at 4.

He, however, welcomes the thought that the Scottish government is trying to reduce the size of classes but we are already quadrupling in the early stages of primary school.

Upstand Scotland has a local meeting in FIFE to discuss this issue. More than 500 people came for this very purpose. Scottish Government replied that they have no plans but instead are going to be using age 5.

Curriculum for excellence is a good place to provide a better and feasible curriculum for students aged 3 to 18. They should be heard and the opportunity should be given to them regarding this framework.

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