Apple to pay $500 million settlement for slowing down old iPhones

Apple Settles iPhone Slowdown Case

Apple gets fined for driving slow. Apple agreed to settle a long-running class-action case in the US over allegations of slowing down older iPhones.The proposed settlement which has to be approved by Judge Edward Davilla could cost Apple up to 0.5 billion dollars.

The case dates back to December 2017 when Apple admitted to slowing down some iPhones that are getting older. Apple’s reasoning was as batteries aged, their performance decreased and slowdown lengthened the phone’s lifespan.

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Just about a month ago, Apple was fined 25 million euros (£21m, $27m) in France.

But many people took this as proof for planned “wear and tear” where manufacturers deliberately impair older products to prompt users to buy a new model.

The uproar prompted Apple to offer battery replacement which fixed the problem but they became liable for damages. Under the settlement, Apple will end up paying $500 million.

US owners of iPhone 6 upwards to 7+ and all SE variants are entitled to a payment of 25 dollars each.

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