Track CoronaVirus Patients In The World Realtime To Get The Update

The deadly Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe at a fast pace. But now you can get Coronavirus update realtime by using an online dashboard to keep up with the reported cases.

The COSSE(Center of System Science and Engineering) has built a tool with collaboration with John Hopkins University that pulls information from the WHO as well as CDC across the globe. This Dashboard shows all the latest Coronavirus updates including confirmed, suspected, deaths and people who have recovered.

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The epidemic originated from the Wuhan Province, Hubei Mainland China and has taken over more than 3000 lives with over 90000 infected. Cases have been confirmed mostly all over the world. Shocking places are Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman which are not been reported by news sites. Please keep in mind Coronavirus is actually a child of Both the SARS epidemic and the MERS that plagued the Middle-East in the early 2000s.

As of 12:31 PM on 3rd March the virus has spread to over 70 nations with 48,000 recovered.

Since this is done in real time you can even use Google Maps to pinpoint the actual location for the epidemic. This tracking software will help you avoid these locations for future Travel use.

This Dashboard is a blessing for people who mainly rely on social media to grasp news. As it could potentially spread any misleading news.

However, the site has a disclaimer claiming that any data herein used for medical guidance or for commercial reasons is strictly prohibited.

You can watch the real-time tracking by clicking on this link.

Please be safe, Wash your hands and avoid public places.

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