Starting off 2017 on the right foot by learning these 13 skills, and they’re below $20

With the start of 2017, where we are reflecting on the year that has passed, it is important to plan about the year in which we actually are. A wise man always thinks a head but a fool just brags about it. And for all those sensible people who want to change their lives for better, online courses are being offered by Udemy for $10 each.

The courses range from learning to code, photography, reading faster, or speaking with confidence etc. For every person there is something to learn and there can be no better opportunity than these online courses offered at such a reasonable price.

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Web Developer Course 2.0: Those who are interested in designing their own websites and mobile applications, this is a very good place to begin. This course has more five-star ratings than any other course that is being offered on Udemy. By learning from this course within just six weeks of classes; even beginners will be able to get a site onto the web.

MBA Course: This course has been compiled from the lessons learnt by a former Goldman Sachs employee. These lessons are based on the knowledge he received during his teachings at the universities. This is regarded as an entire MBA in one course.

How to become an exceptional writer: Writing is a skill that a person has regardless of his/her profession. This course is an exceptional source of knowledge for all the aspiring bloggers. Precious tips are taught by the professionals to writers to make their work clear and concise.

Building personal brand: A three time New York Times best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk who has his own media company, teaches about creating a strong brand to showcase on social media. It helps the learners to toss up their careers forward.

iOS Developer Course: If you don’t have any previous coding knowledge, then this course makes you learn to design and build apps for iOS 10. There are over 200 lectures along with 20 hours of content to learn from.

Become a super learner: If you want to sharpen up your reading and memory skills so that you can work smartly, this course is best for you. It helps students to read faster along with helping them to retain and comprehend the newly acquired information.

Ultimate Excel Program Course: This course is for people who want to learn about the most powerful tool on computer i.e. Excel. Students can learn to make spreadsheets, work with VBA, and the coding language of Excel. It also helps to create Macros and set up automations.

Ruby on Rails Developer Course: This web-application framework is written in Ruby which is an object-oriented programming language. Most of the leading websites such as Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, and Airbnb use Rails for creating their web applications. For beginners, it teaches the basics of coding in Ruby and afterword use those skills for applying them to understand the framework of Rails.

Photography Master Class: With this online course, you can turn your photography hobby into a side business as a freelancer. All the aspiring photographers no matter on what experience level they are, can learn from this course.

Social Media Marketing 2016: A strong social media presence is the biggest need of businesses operating today. This course teaches how to promote your visibility by engaging with the audience and grow network of clients.

Master Web Design in Photoshop: By providing knowledge of graphics, style, and typography, this course helps you to learn to develop inspiring pages to present as a professional.

Python Programming Tutorial: Considered as one of the simplest programming language to learn, Python helps you not to trip as much on forgetting your parenthesis or misplacing few semicolons than any other coding language. This course clearly explains the concepts of Python and how to apply them to application.

JavaScript: This course requires basic knowledge of JavaScript for learning the tricks to become a capable coder. You can get an intense understanding of frameworks such as jQuery and Underscore by searching for the bugs in your code.

Via: Business Insider

Want a Free Website