Snapchat to feel a lot more like TV in the future

Snapchat has already gained immense popularity as a teen devote. The company is now taking further steps in order to make it seem more like a regular television. The company wants to incorporate its online service with original video programming ranging from headlines to reality shows and entertainment for its audience.

According to the sources, the company wants to hire development managers for its shows. The managers will be required to work with producers and pitch new ideas. Smapchat’s name is circulating nowadays as the active purchaser of the original programming. This is a good step taken by the company to evolve as a teen platform where selfies could be traded into the media powerhouse to reinvent regular TV for the phone-first generation.

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Snapchat has been working on this part since long and in 2015; it created one of its own in-house content team. The main purpose of the team is to partner with networks in order to develop entertainment programs. The job of news coverage is assigned to Snapchat’s editorial judgment.

In order to see the production and development of the scripted and unscripted programming, Snapchat is hiring development managers in New York as well as Los Angeles. The managers will be required to create new ideas for the shows and will not be hired just to represent Snapchat. In order to attract external artists and producers to the app, some of the lead talent agencies such as CAA and WME are including Snapchat in the coverage updates.

According to sources, Snapchat wants to create shows within six to eight minutes of duration. The shows will include reality, competition, animated or even sketch comedy shows. But Snapchat is not going to spend aggressively in this regard; it will take steps in a more limited manner. It is expected to create a “mobile TV” or programs that will be specific to the short span video-watching audience.

The News:

Although Snapchat has been providing live event stories from the past few years but this time, it is digging deeper for creating its own breaking news platform. The company has poached many of the famous media experts such as CNN’s Peter Hamby. With a team of experts at hand, Snapchat is becoming more news-focused. It wants to provide people information not just like typical news channels but wants to bring people into a news event first-person.

The “Sully” moment:

The biggest difference in Snapchats breaking news feature would be gathering the information from around the world and presenting it to the viewers without any anchor. This is the reason that in US, nearly 10 million people viewed hurricane Methew through Snapchat’s live story. But still Snapchat wants to take the leap when finally it will be able to make a crystal clear and undeniable difference over the traditional television.

It’s not confirmed when Snapchat’s “Sully Moment” will be because up till now only 17% of the users have got the news from the app. Snapchat is moving slowly towards becoming a media destination, right now it is trying completely understand global news events versus local news stories.

Via: Business Insider

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