Leaked, Apple’s New MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro will finally be launching on October 27 but before that, few of its features have been leaked out. The new MacBook Pro is going to be a little different; the function keys are replaced by the panel. Observing the new MacBook, it is clear that this latest version will provide some additional shortcuts along with new features. According to the leaked image above, Apple Pay it provides TouchID support on the right corner and also a cancel prompt button.

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If we look at the laptop, it looks like a combination of the 2015 MacBook and the current MacBook Pro. It is assured but from the leaked images, the screen of the upcoming MacBook seems a bit smaller and the keyboard looks much more flat. But apparently on the keyboard there is no escape key or power button to be seen. There is no need to anticipate any more about the upcoming Apple’s MacBook Pro as it will soon be revealed completely at 10 AM on October 27.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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