Pakistan Students Innovate Smart Shoes For The Blind/Disabled

Pakistan students have been excelling in various disciplines. Shanza Munir, a visionary who stands to help the visually impaired people by developing shoes that have sensors on them that help in detecting obstacles.

Currently, a student at the Govt College University of Faisalabad, Pakistan has developed a pair of shoes to create easiness for the blind. The key component of these smart shoes is that they can distinctively identify any hurdles in a 200 cm range that would caution the individual by vibrating. Since the shoes are in the conceptual stage the device is powered by rechargeable batteries.

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The shoes are marketed for 10000 – 20000 Rupees and Miss Shanza plans to sell them much cheaper in the long run.

Earlier this month, Aqsa Ajmal becomes the first Pakistani to be selected for LEXUS Design Award 2020 for her innovation “Sewing Machine for the Blind”.

This new innovation when created will help those deprived of sight to sew clothes.

Pakistani Students have also developed a smart cane called “Blind man Stick”. Just like Smart shoes, this stick also has sensors and when it perceives an obstacle it vibrates. The purpose is to help the visually impaired carry out day to day tasks.

AYECo is making headways for the visually impaired and the disabled. They even designed an automated wheelchair that can be controlled using a smartphone and voice command.
AYECo (Ayub Engineering Company) founded in July 2018 is a company that locally manufactures health assisted devices.

Watch the video here.

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