Why does Facebook’s Natural reach drop?

How to use FB Analytics to increase your viewership?

Many people who use Facebook for their commercials and professional needs are seeing a huge decline in their natural reach. These can be many factors like the content and the niche.

Content matters on how much you post and how viable the post is. Niche basically deals with the subject matter.

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Here are some key reason why your viewership just drops

  • Facebook does this on purpose to encourage its userbase to run paid ads. This is the sole reason for how Facebook generates revenue. When you check your page analytics you will see that your natural reach is dropping. You get disappointed but if you look closely there is a paid option. This is a common trap set up by Facebook in order to rope unsuspected people into using the paid option.
  • Your invitations may be the reason as you have a lot of people liking your page and are not your targeted audience. This may be the sole reason these users are not engaged with your page content.
  • Your posts frequency or your timing might be the reason for the viewership drop. Your analytics actually provides you with information that when your audience is the most engaged and active, it would be recommended to post at that time.
  • Facebook likes content creators’ videos. This means, more videos, better organic outreach. Videos can be posted in two ways, i.e. by coming live on your page and also by uploading videos.
  • Another key factor could be that you post images without any captions. Captions give your users a perspective to your mindset and adding hashtags creates a better search term and populates the search. This is only possible if the selected hashtag is trending.
  • Constantly following your competition makes for quantified and qualitative research. Remember your competition might be investing serious money so there is no harm in following his/her business strategy however, do keep in mind about business ethics. It might help in the short run but might backfire in the long run.

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Many people recommend Instagram for organic as its much easier and since Facebook owns Instagram so the link between them will much feasible.

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