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Good communication is crucial for better understanding of people, reducing conflicts, and enhancing relationships. But it all depends on how well you understand others and how well you convey our own message to them. Active listening and conveying your message is an art and can be learned with practice.

Following are few of the reliable ways to not only connect on a deeper level with others through listening but also getting your way as well.

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1. Repeat to yourself:

The most important element in understanding someone is to repeat or rephrase whatever is being said to you. Instead of thinking for a response, repeating will help you better understand what is being said which will ensure mutual understanding. Along with that, also pay attention to nonverbal communication. This will give you much useful information to get through your way and understand better where the discussion is heading towards.

2. Make others feel important:

People will like you more if you pay close attention when they are talking to you. You can make a favorable impression just by making people feel important when they are talking. You may have the urge to look around and or check the phone but the best way is to resist it and focus on who is talking to you. The respect you will give to them at that time will make them remember you for a long time.

3. Control the urge to speak:

During a conversation, there may be many times when you will feel the urge to talk and give your views. But according to experts, during a negotiation, the person who speaks the least is considered to be the one who is more in control. Listening gives you knowledge and wisdom.

4. Focus on present moment:

When you stay quiet and listen, you are forced to focus on the present moment. It broadens your vision and makes your vision clear about your surroundings. When you are self-aware it brings consciousness to your breathing which develops intuition. This helps you to listen and learn with your highest logic and helps you connect to people in a better way.

5. Build relationship equity:

When you allow others to speak first and give them all the respect by listening to them actively, you increase the chances of the favors being returned to you. You influence others to listen to you with same respect and attention as you listened to them.

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