5 factors that can ruin your career

Finding your dream job might be difficult but as soon as you land on a position, you usually forget the entire struggle. Unknowingly, you make errors and opt to do a series of things that can quickly make you a prey of judgment. Slowly you start killing your career by being a stranger to the alarming signs around you. According to studies employees make mistakes that have catastrophic results on their careers.

Here are following things that employees need to be careful about:

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1. Instigating conflicts:

When you are hired for a job, you are expected to make the team’s work easier. If you get into conflicts, chose sides, undermine colleagues, or spread rumors, you are considered to be playing politics in the office. You can get exposed at any time and can be embarrassed in front of your colleagues. Therefore, stick to the terms and conditions that you agreed upon and stay away from engaging in anything that can ruin your career.

2. Not delivering:

At the time of the interview, you may have promised something more than you can actually deliver. But when you promise someone then they expect a lot from you therefore, avoid over promising something you know will become difficult to deliver. Just be realistic about your abilities, talents, and experiences and then you will be praised for your honesty during your work.

3. Not attempting to grow:

When you get a job, you focus all your attention towards getting your projects completed. But you do not attempt to learn more in order to grow. This makes you stuck in your job for a longer period of time. Therefore, make time to expand you skillset and make your personal development a priority. You will see many opportunities some along your way.

4. Not adapting to changes:

Things are changing fast in today’s world because of which the demand for more skilled workers is increasing. If you do not adapt to the occurring changes and acquire upcoming skills, you can lose your job to someone who is more skilled than you. Therefore, instead of resisting the new changes start adapting them.

5. Lack of emotional intelligence:

Lack of emotional intelligence can bring harm to your career. It indicates that you find it difficult to get along with the team members and can even harm their efforts with your behavior. Therefore, be nice to others and work on improving your emotional intelligence.

Via: Forbes

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