Shinysleep – A story of great innovation and amazing product line from India.

In today’s world, a lot of people suffer from back-related problems. Back pain has become very common nowadays in adults and even in teens as well.

The main reason behind it is a poor lifestyle and constant habit of sitting. As we know that in IT-sectors jobs are not just 8 hours job. People work long hours in the office with odd shifts that affect their health, body weight and their backbone which further leads to a rise in health problems related to the back. This was something Tarun Chugh (Co-Founder of Shinysleep) faced too. 

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Back Pain Problem:

Back in 2017, Tarun Chugh worked in Paytm and constant sitting leads him to frequent back pain. He spent around Rs 50,000 on the mattresses and cushions, but it didn’t help. 

Then he started his research and found that many things and causes lead to back pain. He started doing his research at the beginning of 2017, and by mid-2017, he saw an opportunity in the space.

The same year, Neha and Tarun planned and launched Shinysleep, a mattress company.

The startup makes use of memory foam, a product developed by NASA which was specially designed to be used in multiple ways to enhance a mattress’ comfort and durability level.

The main problem that was faced by Tarun Chugh and Neha Chugh during their initial research was that most shopkeepers and mattress dealers usually ask their customers just a single question when they went to buy a mattress – what is your budget? 

But Tarun says, this was a very wrong approach, and the ideal way was to first understand the customer’s requirement and need but not the budget. 

Early Days:

When they initially started their operational work and they got a great success in their first trial and after that this husband-wife duo set up the mattress manufacturing unit in Delhi-NCR. 

It took them around one year in setting up the proceeding including the R&D and the manufacturing.

After three months of continuous testing of the product with the help of family and friends, they started selling their mattresses online. And today, Shinysleep has a team of 30 people.


Ortho Plus Mattress, Dual Comfort Mattress, Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, and Pocket Spring Mattress are the four types of mattresses they sell.

Apart from mattresses, Shinysleep also offers other products such as mattress protectors, fiber pillows, and memory foam pillows at present.

Production and Numbers:

The average production cost of a mattress is approx. Rs 15,000, and Shinysleep mattress products are sold to the customers in the range from Rs 8,000 to Rs 20,000.

Shinysleep is currently bootstrapped by Tarun Chugh and Neha Chugh and the team. Shinysleep generated revenue of Rs 1.5 million in the first month and sold around 70 mattresses in the first quarter of 2017. 

This has given them a motivation to move further to make Shinysleep one of the biggest Mattress brand of India. 

Now Shinysleep is turning approx. 50 to 70 million annually including both online and offline. They are selling around thousands of products per month. Shinysleep is currently focused on customer requirements and needs.

Upcoming Products:

Shinysleep is now launching Natural latex mattress and hybrid latex mattress product after researching of approx.1 year. Now they will start selling them online and their price will starts from 25k to 80k depending on the size of the mattress. 

Final message:

We want to educate the customers and launch new product ranges in mattresses, pillows, comforters, etc. 

The end goal of Shinysleep is to keep giving customer satisfaction and let them enjoy the privilege of good quality sleep products in India As well as in abroad.

Their official website link:

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