Self-destructive ways you can easily avoid and improve your life


Sometimes it can get devastating when we push ourselves to become better and successful but at some points, go easy on ourselves. These are small self-destructive behaviors of which we are almost unaware of. These are the kind of behaviors that are not good for our physical as well as mental health. Even if we add certain attitudes or certain thoughts unconsciously as our habits, we destroy our well-being and become weaker and less confident.

So before, we take up any responsibilities, we need to be aware of these habits. We need to know how they affect our daily lives and how we can handle them to avoid self-destruction. Following are the things we need to be aware of:

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Comparing ourselves with others:

When we get involved in comparison with people who are better to us on some levels, we give to so silly questions in our mind. These confusions make us think more about why someone is successful? Why someone is living a better life then us? Etc. These are the thoughts that stop our mental growth and make us lose our self-confidence.

Getting plagued by self-doubt:

It is very often that we question our own capabilities when we fail to complete a task. Instead of trying to improve, self-doubt lowers our self-confidence and makes our performance even worse.

Being obsessive about our goals:

When we become obsessed with the goals we have set, it takes over our mind and soul. And if that goal is not achieved, it becomes detrimental and the obsession can easily turn into resentment. This adds so much negativity in our life that is not easily removed.

Pitying ourselves:

Failing from exams, not being promoted for work, or facing a setback in any situation get us involved into self-pitying. We feel victims because we fail to achieve what we wanted to. When we indulge into self-pitying, we feel weaker with each judgment that we pass to ourselves.

Not clear about priorities:

Most of the time, our mind is not clear in thoughts and priorities and fail to understand what is important. It makes us disorganized and wastes our time on things that do not need any importance.

Taking people for granted:

It is common for us to get attracted to things that we do not have. This makes us push the important relationships away in our life. It makes people move away and we find ourselves alone when we truly are in need of help.

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