Saudi Arabia Bans Expats From 12 Job Types

Saudi Arabia has been making some changes in their country for the last couple of years. In order to give more priority to Saudi Nationals and empower them with jobs, country has recently imposed restrictions on non saudis from working in 12 type of jobs.

First reported by Saudi Gazette, the order was passed by the Saudi Minister for Labor and Social Development Ali Al-Ghafees.

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Ministry spokesman Khaled Aba Al-Khail stated that the decision will not affect the memorandums of understanding signed with various regional governorates to restrict jobs to Saudis. Saudi Kingdom is also working on ‘shop feminization‘ and it will continue as planned. In the near future, selling women accessories will also be all completely feminized in addition to sections in malls and supermarkets that sell clothes, women accessories

The 12 jobs reported are as follows:

  1. Watch shops,
  2. Optical stores,
  3. Medical equipment stores,
  4. Electrical and electronics shops,
  5. Outlets selling car spare part,
  6. Building material shops,
  7. Outlets selling all types of carpets,
  8. Automobile and mobile shops,
  9. Shops selling home furniture and ready-made office material
  10. Sale outlets of ready-made garments,
  11. Children clothes and men’s supplies,
  12. Household utensils shops and pastry shops.


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