How to stay happy? Science tells 5 ways of staying happy all the time

Will i ever be happy? Well, Science tells how you can stay happy by doing 5 things

We always associate happiness with material things such as good business, a nice job, money, and of course ideal relationships. But truth be told, the best happiness is only found within yourself. We are so focused to perform day-to-day functions in our life that have not only made us similar to robots but people often wonder “Will I ever be happy?”

Truth be told, true joy comes into your life from within and you can create such happy moments yourself.

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To begin with, you need to realize that happiness is a state of mind that creates positive emotions inside your body. It is your thinking process that enhances your happiness hormone, and how you feel inside, and if you are able to strike that balance, the outer world, worries, and problems won’t put you down much.

Want to know how to stay happy? According to Science, follow these 5 pieces of advice.

Exercise regularly:

When you move your body muscles, you change your state of mind. It is by far the easiest, more productive way of changing your body’s hormones. The stress hormone ‘cortisol‘ can be substantially reduced if you exercise daily.

Now exercising does not mean, you become rocky balboa and lift heavy weights and work out 5 hours a day, do tough crunches, or run 5 miles daily. The idea is to stay healthy, not to create 6 packs.

Any moderate approach would suffice but by moving every inch of your body, you tend to release stress hormones, therefore, giving way to happiness hormones and eventually feeling good.

Smile, it makes you happy:

A smile stretches your facial muscles, it relaxes you and science says a smile brings happiness to you. Even if you do not find a solid reason to smile, try showing happiness in small things around you and you will notice a change in your mood. The muscles once stretched change your physical state and make you feel better.

Have fun often to stay happy:

If you do have any fun in your life, you better make arrangements to get some. Never forget the child inside you. One must take out time to have fun with friends and family. Indulge in healthy activities, the ones that resonate better with your liking. This way, you will never feel any boredom and at the same time, you will stay happy.

Friends make you happy:

Friends are the most important people in our life. We can share great moments with our friends, we can talk about stuff with our friends we can’t share with any other. Good friends are always a blessing and it is not necessary that only childhood friends are best friends.

When you do networking often, you may come across like-minded people who share the same interest, and hobbies.

Surround yourself with Nature to stay happy:

It is very important. Spending time with nature can improve your health. Science proves that even brief contact with the natural environment can not only make you feel happy but also quickly improve your mood. This is why taking time off your daily busy schedule and going on holidays, surrounding yourself with nature is very important and highly recommended. It helps in making you feel better.


It is clear — if we pay close attention to these five elements, not only do we spend our time constructively but we also give ourselves a fair chance of staying happy. Remember, never give up on your selves. You can change, life is organic, not linear.

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