3 ways how spending time in nature can improve your health

Nature is defined as a windowless laboratory room and you feel happier there as compared to your peers inside. Research has proved that even brief contact with the natural environment can quickly improve your mood. But as technology is advancing, it is becoming harder for people to spend time outside in nature. Even just the thought of going outside seems exhausting after your entire day in front of your computer. You need to find compelling reasons in order to benefit from spending time in nature. Following are a few real reasons you should go outside more:

Reduce stress:

When you are stressed, it reduces the number of friendly bacteria in your gut. It creates conditions that allow undesirable microbes to grow fast. If goes unchecked, this bacteria goes out of control and causes many issues in your body. When you go the opposite of it, it lowers your stress levels and makes your microbiome much healthier. Therefore, when you go outside in nature, it naturally calms you down and brings an improvement to the microbiome.

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Increased immunity:

As your microbiome becomes better, it increases your immunity since 80% of the immune system is located in your gut. When you are relaxed and surrounded by nature, your immune system switches to rest and digest mode. Also, when you are among plants, you get exposed to phytoncides. These are the chemicals that plants use to protect themselves and when these enter your body, your immune system increases the number of white blood cells. These cells are beneficial for your body and support your immune system.

Lower risk of seasonal infections:

When you spend more time outside, your immune systems get trained to react appropriately to certain stimuli. When you are exposed to pollen, pets, and dust, you get a temporary runny nose, itchy eyes, or a general feeling of haziness; your immune system overreacts to these things. Being exposed to all such things trains your immune system to be protective against any seasonal infections and to make you stronger.

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