How to rediscover your lost motivation and stay motivated?


When you are inspired, your work hums. You have a strong sense of purpose which is buoyed by the feeling that your talent is being put to good use and you are doing what you should do. But then after some time, the inspiration evaporates. It is because inspiration or motivation is frustratingly fleeting and very difficult to recover when lost. Questions always arise in mind if you lose your motivation then how to stay motivated?

Psychologists have found that you can’t force yourself to be inspired; however, you can create an environment that is conducive to inspiration. Following are some of the ways you can rediscover and stay motivated:

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Change your morning routine:

Starting your day the same way feels like there is no motivation left. But if you start your day differently like changing up your alarm method or switching to a different kind of breakfast can help you look forward to getting up. Set a few minutes to meditate, do some kind of yoga, or do any exercise that you like because a good routine will help you succeed.

Find what makes you jump out of bed:

In order to find motivation, you must identify things that energize you and push you forward. The list of possibilities is endless; you just need to find the spark that works well for you.

Practice meditation:

Engaging in daily meditation practice will help you to become active and feel energized. It does not have to be one or two hours of meditation practice, incorporating only a few minutes into your daily routine will be great. Once you become comfortable with the time you have set, you can increase it slowly.

Try something outside your comfort zone:

You can rediscover your motivation once you try something completely different. This should be something that takes you out of your comfort zone and compels you to do things that stir up your inner fears. Once you understand your abilities, you will never be afraid to go above and beyond where you are now.

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