Feeling stuck or uninspired – These 6 ways can help you stay on track

Though it looks different for all of us we all want to feel moved and then, use that to create more love, joy, passion, and purpose in life. By looking at the world with the love of life, the world reveals its beauty to us. But when you have millions of things to tackle, all you try to do is to keep your head above water. It seems that you are stuck at work and unable to find the inspiration to move forward. If you have been feeling stuck or uninspired, the following are the ways that can help you stay motivated and keep you on track:

Make a poster board:

You cannot get inspiration unless you see things in front of your eyes may it be your own progress. Many years ago, Oprah Winfrey brought this strategy into the mainstream. She convinced people to understand the power of posting photographs of their dreams on a poster board. The reason for creating a vision board is that it serves as a regular and present reminder of what you always dream about.

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Try new things:

Even if you fail to see how your efforts are leading you in the future, try things that are totally different. According to Steve Jobs, if you cannot connect the dots looking forward, connect them looking backward. That in a way gives you the trust that the dots will connect in your future. Try things even if they do not correlate with your aim directly and it will give you a much-needed dose of outside inspiration.

Follow your passion:

There should always be something that pushes you to do something outstanding. As Richard Branson stated once that there is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than to follow your passion.

Learn from others:

The incredibly simple tip for getting inspiration is to read inspirational stories about other successful people in your industry. If you are a writer, you can learn a lot from J.K. Rowling’s rags-to-riches story as an example. Look for ways in which people tackle the impossible and how you can do it too.

Take rejection as a lesson:

You may have lost inspiration because of the rejection that you have faced despite your struggles. But according to Herb Greenberg, partner at Pacific Square Research, he carried a decade-old rejection letter to remind himself of the failing times and keep pushing to do better. Your rejections can be a reminder that you are still here and reach the stars.

Spend time with someone you admire:

The biggest source of inspiration is your mentors. In order to continue your work and to find inspiration on daily basis, you must spend more and more time with your mentor. These people bring positive influence to your life and help you achieve success much faster.

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