Science says you are smarter if you sleep late

If you have been told that you are doing something, not the way it is supposed to be or you are working against nature. If your dad tells you that your grandfather was an early riser and lived for 100 years and early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Wait a minute, science and research have different ideas now. If you are not time-punctual and arrive late at work, science thinks you are smart. Similarly, science proves that those who stay up late and do not sleep early are not dumb at all.

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In fact, they are smarter than most people, and here is why. Being a night owl is not a bad thing in modern times. With the abundance of the internet and widespread knowledge, you just have to work smart and you can make a decent living.

Science says, intelligent people not only go to bed late but they are messy too.

Here are the reasons.

They are less stressed:

A BBC report stated that people who stay up late have less stress in life and their mood is usually better. It is because early risers use more cortisol. Getting up early is stress full. This is why Oxford research says starting work, and school before 10 AM is torture.

They drink coffee:

Caffeine in coffee blocks the inhibitory transmitter adenosine. Coffee addicts are more active than non-caffeine users. They produce extra brain and physical activity and that leads to health benefits as muscles are used frequently. Coffee helps the brain and body both function at a higher level and therefore it results in higher productivity.

They make better use of their time:

Australian research says humans learn better in the evening.

“Such time-of-day variations in function are not unusual. Organisms are adapted to the continual change in light and dark during a 24 hour period to avoid predators and to reproduce faster,”, the scientist explains in the research.

So when morning people go back home in the evening, the night owls are making use of the best time and get started.

They remain alert for longer hours

In another study, brain activity was analyzed for the early birds and night owls. Nighly owls scored higher. The reason is, night owls have a better attention span and it works for a longer period of time too.

The article originally appeared on Life Hack

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