Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go To Bed Late And They Are Messy

Geniuses have few things in common and going against the odds is one those things. Studies reveal that people who stay up late are actually lot smarter and highly creative and most importantly, they are intelligent.

Scientists have discovered that intelligent people are less concerned about many everyday things that seem to associated with most of the people, such as being organized, ‘watching their language’ and going to bed on time.

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Night owls are intelligent, they are messy and sadly they use abusive language because of their care-free attitude.

People who go to bed late are less stressed and also more happy, BBC report confirms. A scientific explanation may had to do a lot with the fact that early risers use more cortisol, resulting in more muscle aches, headaches and cold symptoms.

In the study, brain activity was measured for the people who hit the bed early and the night owls who prefer staying up late through the night. To every body’s surprise, night owls scored higher. One logical explanation is about the night time minds having a longer circadian clock. Therefore, they can give more attention for over a longer period of time.

Also according to a research done at Adelaide University, Australia, it is discovered that brain learn better at night.

“Such time-of-day variations in function are not unusual. Organisms are adapted to the continual change in light and dark during a 24 hour period to avoid predators and to reproduce faster,” – Mr Sale, from the School of Molecular and Biomedical Science

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