Become a productive night owl by following these steps

Becoming an early bird is a matter of choice but that does not mean it can always catch the worm. In fact, the night owls get more done and become a lot more successful. For some people rising with the sun makes them cringe. It is because their productivity begins at night and they are their best. Many people it fighting with nature, but studies have proven that night owls are born this way and it is genetic as well as biological for them.

So for all the people who like to work on their projects at night, the following are ways to embrace your productivity habits more effectively.

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Schedule your time around the energy cycle:

For this purpose you need to be fully aware of the time around which you think you will be most energetic. You need to leverage those natural peaks of your energy cycle by scheduling your work around it.

Make the evening beneficial:

Evenings are the times when there are possibly less distractions as compared to the mornings. For knight owls, evening is the time to break free from the outside world and immerse themselves into mentally challenging work.

Wind down easily:

The biggest challenge for the night owls is that it is hard for them to wind down. This can throw them off their schedule and get them off the track. Therefore, it is better to switch to mental relaxing activities before going to sleep after work. It can involve light reading and staying away from television and computer completely.

Keep everything in moderate:

Even for the night owls, the rising time should be between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. It is because sleeping more than that can make your mind dull and can throw off your biological clock completely off the track.

Too much sleep can be bad:

Becoming a night owl does not mean you can have the liberty of sleeping all day. Too much sleep just think you spend the night working can be bad for your health. It makes you lethargic; therefore, you must have a scheduled wake up time. If you will sleep more than you require, it will make it hard for you to be productive.

The article originally appeared on Pick The Brain

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