Samsung Galaxy S8’s debut before the official launch

The launch of Galaxy S8 earlier than expected is good news for the brand’s admirers. According to “The Investor“, Reports state that Samsung is thinking of releasing a limited batch of its latest handset even before the official launch. The smartphone is expected to be shipped as early as February or March.

The news of showcasing S8 phones a month or two ahead of the actual release date have spurred the markets as it goes against the speculations of S8 making a debut at the Mobile World Congress in February. It also denies the possibility of Smartphone’s postponed launch around mid-April.

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Samsung is expected to be shipping a much greater volume of its latest flagship device as compared to previous years. Although the exact figures for shipment have not been revealed but just for speculating the approximate number, we should keep the previous figures in mind. As for S5 and S6 each, manufacturers shipped 45 million units and 48 million units for S7.

With the speculation of suspended release date to mid-April, Samsung seems to make up for the loss caused by previous Note’s model. This loss caused the smartphone company to become more cautious for the release of its latest model. The upcoming S8 will be featuring a superb edge-to-edge display, a powerful virtual assistant, along with the ability of connecting the handset to a monitor for a desktop-like experience. However, the beloved headphone jack and the iconic button might not be a part of the handset this time. Samsung is taking its time with the launch of Galaxy S8 because it is very much aware what happened when it rushed with the launch of its previous model.

Via: The Investor

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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