Samsung Asks Partners To Stop Selling Note 7 Worldwide.

Recently Samsung has issued a statement for retailers to halt the sales of galaxy Note 7. It has also urged the Galaxy user’s to power down the device even if they are using a replaced battery version.

The launch of Galaxy Note 7 was the worst thing that could have happened to Samsung and its users. This long awaited smart despite its excellent features failed to make a presence in the market. Shortly after the release of the device, the news of battery explosions spread like wild fire. Until recently when a Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on an airplane, Samsung never had imagined stopping the sales.

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Now after so many reports of battery explosion even after replacement of smartphones, Samsung team has finally decided to bring the sales to a halt. According to the statement, the Samsung team is focusing all its efforts on getting to the root cause of explosions caused by the device. Samsung asked all the retailers and marketers to stop the sales of Galaxy Note 7 for the safety of the customers.

It also advised the users of the smart phone to stop using, power off the phones.

Although unclear from the statement but the Samsung Company will most probably not be selling this phone ever again in the market. Even if the company does find a solution to this problem, consumers will mostly forget to follow the rules to turn off their phones in particular situations.

With the complete failure of Galaxy 7, it is not possible to say whether Samsung will be able to regain the trust of its customers with Galaxy Note 8 or not.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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