Russia Is All Set To ‘Unplug’ From The Global Internet

As a part of its cyber defences, Russia is considering to disconnect from the global internet for a short period of time, BBC reported. This test will allow the secure data to remain between Russian citizens and organisations within the country and the word about the test will not leak out Internationally.

A law was introduced in Russian Parliament last year that proposed technical changes needed in order to operate independently. The test is expected to be carried out before 1st April but so far, no exact date has been given by the Russians.

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This news has caused major disruption as NATO and its allies have threaten to sanction Russia over the cyber-attacks. The only way the isolation can take place is by building Russia’s own version of DNS. This will cut out the links to the international world on the internet.

The drafted law is called ‘Digital Economy National Program‘.

The Russian government is already believed to provide cash to its ISP to modified the infrastructure so the redirection can be be properly tested. So in short words, Russia will unplug itself from the global internet.

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