Punjab Govt of Pakistan all set to Introduce Google & Microsoft Courses for School Students

Pakistan’s Punjab’s Education Minister, Murad Raas, has said that the province is all set to introduce certified courses in software development from Google and Microsoft for school students. He has also hinted that both tech giants are coming to Pakistan for the very first time this year and the Government is already in talks with both, Google and Microsoft.

The minister said that this decision was made to teach the high school students, latest tech skills.

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“I have asked them that not all kids are going to go to school after tenth grade. And that is just the way it is, we cannot change that. So I said not every child has to become a plumber, not every child is going to work at a store. Why can’t we give them better skills? Because the new world is technology,” Murad Raas – Punjab Education Minister

The students will also be offered software development courses in ninth and tenth grades. These students can find work early if they drop out of school. According to the Minister, 76.9% youth in the country leave the education because of financial services. These skills will help them in getting new jobs or even getting self employed. Punjab alone has 10 million children out of school which is an alarming stats.

Not every child has to become a plumber, not every child has to work in a store. Why can’t we give them better skills because the new world is technology. said the Minister

“These kids, let’s say even if they drop out after tenth, they will have a certification of Microsoft,” said the provincial minister.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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