Rise of AR is going to end an era of Smart phones, TV’s?

Mark Zuckerberg has a mission to give everyone the power to express what they are thinking about or want to experience. In future Zuckerberg believes that technology will help us to capture entire settings. Technology will enable us to capture a whole room or even a whole setting with the help of a headset or any other device. Zuckerberg has plans to accelerate the rise of augmented reality.

For this purpose, Zuckerberg announced the Camera Effects Platform. This will basically be a set of tools for the outside developers to develop augmented-reality applications. These can be accessed through the existing Facebook app’s camera. With this announcement, Facebook is placing itself in direct competition with tech giants such as Google and Apple. The step Facebook is taking now is a slow march towards the death of the smartphones.

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facebook 10 years road mapMark Zuckerberg at F8 Developers conference (Photo Source)

According to Zuckerberg, future holds no requirement for buying a TV. This would be done by purchasing a $1 app TV and put it on the wall to watch it. It may not just restrict to TV as the technology can extend to smartphones, smart watches, tablets, fitness trackers etc.

Zuckerberg knows that it’s a long road to cover. The Camera Effects Platform is expected to succeed in attracting a group of users. The apps that are developed for the Facebook Camera today can be the first versions of the apps users would use with those glasses. This feature makes Facebook compete a lot with SnapChat. The platform needs to keep on offering interesting tools to attract people and encourage them to use their app.

The article originally appeared on World Economic Forum

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