Apple’s new wireless magic keyboard

With its WWDC event, it’s almost time to see what has Apple has in store for its fans this year. It is the time when everything makes a new appearance from iOS to a brand new hardware. Apple has announced its new Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad.

This magic keyboard is truly the company’s addition as it comes with lightening charging along with Apple’s redesigned scissor key mechanism. It also has a dedicated numeric pad with additional function keys. It offers a home page and page up/page down icons along with four full-sized navigation arrow keys given the space the require.

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The arrow keys are the most impressive part of the magic keyboard as they replace the half size up and down. This is something with the help of which users can navigate much more easily and comfortably when paging through files, scrolling through web pages, driving through code lines etc.

According to Apple, it will take a month between charges as it has the standard Mac media keys. Also, it ships with another USB to lightening cable in the box of a user’s collection. Apple has taken a long time to create this magic keyboard but now it has finally arrived and is on its way to shipping.

Via: Tech Crunch

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