Reply on Instagram with photos and video

Recently, Instagram has brought an update to its platform. The Stories feature has been upgraded with the ability for users to reply to stories with their photos and videos. This will allow the users to use all the creative tools that have been offered by Instagram including filters, Boomerang, stickers, and rewind, this will be helpful in sharing the true feelings of the Instagram users.

Moreover, the reply feature allows the users to apply a new sticker that contains the actual story that is being replied. This can be resized and positioned anywhere in the frame. These photo and video replies will appear in a user’s inbox and a notification will be shown to the sender if a user screenshot or replay their photo or video to the story.

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This is the kind of update that will help Instagram to increase the conversational engagement of Stories to a larger extent. People are users to text replies but replying with a quick selfie reaction will be much more interesting for the users. This will help users to actually show someone their actual response to different stories. This may become more popular as compared to simple texts. For both Android and iOS, the photos and video replies are available in Instagram version 10.28.

Via: TechCrunch

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