UpWork releases 20 Fastest growing Freelance skills

The latest quarterly indexes of the most popular skills in the U.S. freelance marketplace have been recently released by UpWork. The 20 fastest growing skills have been ranked by the UpWork Skills Index. This list is a part of the index that focuses on the upcoming skills that freelancers provide. According to reports, around 49% of the hiring managers are connected to freelancers for accessing skills they do not have.

According to the CEO Stephen Kasriel, as the innovation is progressing faster the workforce is going through extraordinary change. This is to help up in solving the arising world’s problems. According to reports, more than 30% of the essential skills of the workforce are totally going to be transformed.

In the Q1 2017, the 20 of the fast grow freelance skills experienced more than 140% year-over-year growth. Following is the list of the top twenty fastest growing skills

  1. Asana work tracking

  2. Artificial intelligence

  3. Rapid prototyping

  4. Immigration law

  5. Natural language processing

  6. Instagram marketing

  7. A/B testing

  8. Twilio API development

  9. C++ development

  10. Swift development

  11. Brand Strategy

  12. Marketo marketing automation

  13. Penetration testing

  14. Docker development

  15. Relationship Management

  16. Application Security

  17. AngularJS development

  18. Accounting (CPA)

  19. Machine learning

  20. JIRA administration

Key takeaways

  • Artificial Intelligence:

One of the fastest growing skills AI is considered to be shaping the world right now. More and more companies are finding out ways to incorporate it into their business strategies. Professionals are developing skills that can help them to stay with the most upcoming trends in technology.

  • Rapid Prototyping:

This is the type of skill that enables businesses to come up with an idea and have a prototype in hand the very same day with advances like 3D printing.

  • Asana work tracking:

This is the software that empowers teams to track and manage projects with clarity and accountability. It has the ability to quickly identify and resolve bugs along with various other issues.

  • Immigration Law:

The immigration law specialists are high in demand after the arising uncertain immigration policies around the world. On UpWork, a 59% surge was recorded in the demand for lawyers online in Q1 as compared to last year.

  • Application Security:

As the protection for data, applicants, network, and devices has become a priority for businesses, there has also been an increased demand in the Application security. These are the techniques that help increase the immunity to common cyber-attacks.

  • Accountants (CPAs):

The demand for freelance accountants has grown significantly and the survey revealed that more than 37% of Americans prefer to hire a tax preparer to file their returns.

Via: Upwork