Redesigned Skype by Microsoft

Skype has been used as the most popular communication tool for ages now. But now it’s being redesigned and will allow users to set their personal color theme to Skype. Now, upon opening up the app, users will be greeted by a contact list in a lot of white instead of the typical blue light.

Also, users will also be able to see new tabs on their contact list. The Highlights feature will now be shown on the left which is one of SnapChat’s Stories clone. Copying of SnapChat’s feature has become a routine by now but according to the Corporate Vice President of Skype, this new feature is something that Skype users have been demanding a lot. The unique thing about Highlights for Skype is that it lasts for a week instead of the usual 24 hours’ time pattern. The panel on the right allows users to access their camera from almost anywhere in the app. Users can decorate images with stickers and doodles, and even text but there are no AR masks available like the ones on Facebook and SnapChat. But it seems that Skype will aim for it too in the near future.

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The main revenue of Skype comes from its video calling feature. Therefore it is more focusing towards improving the video experience by making video conversations just as useful as emotions on your texts. This is the reason that photos can shared directly on the video stream. The photos will be shared without interrupting the conversation flow. The future also holds a lot for Skype users as it will allow them to share videos within a video call. This will make it easy to collaborate on work or enjoy conversation with family and friends. Although this big change may not be able to transform Skype into SnapChat but it will become much improved.

For now, it seems Skype is focusing on its improving its calling experience and is concentrating on the strengths which can make it stand the competition in the market.

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